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"You have to come out of there some time, you know."


"Can you hear me in there? I said, you have to..."

A bedraggled head popped out of the immense pile of pillows giving a frightening demonstration of bed-head. "Nuh-uh," said Keppet, shaking her mop*.

"Kepp," said skit, dropping into patronising tones, "you can't hide away in there forever. At some point, you will need to go to the loo."

Keppet's head darted back into the pillow fort and moments later, skittledog heard the sound of a toilet flushing. The dark-haired head popped back with eyes wide and brows lifted inviting skit to share what else she had got. Skit obliged. "Okay, well then- at some point you have to eat." The head went back in again and then there was a hum followed by the smug ping of a microwave. "Okay, what about washing?"

The flush sounded again.

"Ew," said skit.

Skittledog paced around the room and tapped her fingers together as she thought. "I guess I will be going to the Hobbling reunion alone then," she mused aloud.

There was a "meep" from inside the pillows and skittledog watched as the pillows started to move and slide over one another in a mesmerising fashion. Moments later, Transformer-like, Keppet stood encased in pillows on every side.

"You look like the Michelin Man," observed skit.

"I was going for the Stay-Puft-Marshmallow-Look," replied Keppet and then, with exasperated tones, "Have you never seen *any* film? Come on- Ghostbusters! No?"

Skittledog sighed and looked forlornly off into the distance. "No, I have never seen a film," she confessed and continued, in soft, lyrical, Scorrish tones, "for I was a wee Scorrish Lass, raised in a land of hardship and rain..."

And then she progressed to tell her tale.


* Purposefully left ambiguous as to whether this refers to her hair or a cleaning implement**.

** Except, that is, to those that know her beliefs on cleaning***.

*** That is to say, if a place needs cleaning, it's probably better to find a new place...